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"I believe that music, in its purest form, is meant to bring about a reflection of the deepest parts of our soul.  Waltzing on Waves succinctly marries the challenges in life to the beauty of overcoming unexpected moments of pause.  The artistic expressions of hope and strength are woven throughout the entire musical offering, bringing the audience through their life journey in preparation for the life ahead.  WOW is more than an experience, it is a stepping stone to something hidden and beautifully unexpected in ourselves."

Curtis Windham, Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Director at Spero Academy

"Jen Bluhm is one of the most unique vocalists I have come across in a long while. She has an uncanny ability to float through her wide range and manipulate difficult melodies with ease, placing a spin of vibrato at just the right moment. There's something nostalgic about Bluhm's sound- Josephine Baker meets Billie Holiday, with an occasional burst of Brandi Carlile-esque power. Bluhm's artistry is stunning, vocal and visual alike." 

Jana Nyberg, Minneapolis celebrated Jazz Vocalist,  performing artist, bandleader, & music instructor

"Jen Bluhm's artistry derives from a rich and broad study of many musical traditions. Don't let the cute uke fool you; she can sit at a piano and grab Debussy-esque handfuls of chords while she sings an original work in a complex form that reveals her classical training. And no one has a voice of such stunning flexibility - range, style, character, endurance - without years of careful study. This is the solid grounding supporting her whimsical lyric personae which, upon deeper listening, reveals a powerhouse of expressive drama"

Sarah Schmalenberger, Hornist & Professor of Musicology

St. Thomas University

"Waltzing on Waves', I Am Content, might just be the most profoundly beautiful song I’ve ever heard. The easy cadence and soulful contours of Jen Bluhm’s voice belie the effortless power in her voice, of which she gives us glimpses like breaks in the clouds. Anyone raising a neurodivergent child can find all there is to learn—or unlearn— about parenting from this song and its beautifully-rendered video."  Click HERE for Terra's full-review and article about I Am Content.

Terra Vance, Industrial and Organizational Psychology Consultant, Advocate, Founder of, and Author of Unapologetically Aspie on 

"Beautifully raw and complex lyrics. Captivating vocals that take you to operatic heights layered with hauntingly soulful undertones."

Annie Mack, Minneapolis - based, International Roots & Indie Artist

"Jen Bluhm's music is wildly generous and healing for the masses. Her voice shoots straight from the depths of her soul into the hearts of those listening, filling the space with her bottomless voice. Witnessing her performances is a deeply intimate and moving experience. Her songwriting offers a unique balance of masterful musicianship and sincere vulnerability that we all need so much in times like these."

Lynn O'Brien, International Performing Artist/Songwriter, Improv Vocalist, Board-Certified Music Therapist, Speaker

"Listening to Jen Bluhm is a whole-body experience. Her mesmerizing yet powerful voice and gorgeously intelligent songwriting engages your mind, tugs at your heart, lifts your spirit and captures your full attention. Whether as a solo performer or with a full band, Jen creates an all-encompassing experience rather than just a simple performance. Whatever she does, she does it with a deep and intense passion."

Joyann Parker,  National chart-topping  Blues & Rock Indie Artist

& Band Leader

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